Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Questions to Ask to a Web Design Agency

Whether you are redesigning your existing website or creating a new one, it is an enormous investment that you would definitely not want to go to waste. You should look for a good web design agency that can accommodate all your business specific web design needs.

Despite your best intensions, you may find your web design agency isn’t on the same page as you are. It is thus highly imperative you look for a web design agency that has all the necessary design capabilities that your website requires. Also, make sure the web design services you choose, offer exemplary customer care services as well.

Here are offered some of the vital questions you must ask while hiring a professional web design agency:

Can I Have a Look at Your Portfolio?

You must examine portfolio of the web design agency to ensure they can offer the specific type of design you are looking for. Moreover, look for agencies that target your niche market or industry, as these agencies are even more capable of offering the right quotation for the kind of service you are looking for. Web design agency that targets your market will also be capable of setting definitive and realistic deadlines.

Who Does Design Works? You?

Most of the web design agencies these days outsource some of their works to freelance designers. It might so happen that you are paying for the “top-notch” designer but in reality getting the works done by someone who least deserves it. You have all the right to know who gets ALL your work done. You may insist to get your works done by in-house experts and get that signed in your contract.

Which aka CMS Will You Use?

This is particularly an important aspect for those who want to hide, edit, delete or add content to be featured online. Often, a web design agency offers “template” style CMS, however; it is better to request for custom built solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Web Development Language to be Used.

Asking this question will help you gauge the expert level of the web designers you are planning to hire. This is necessary if you are particularly developing new web applications or other advanced features online in the future. The web design agency you choose must be able to offer you both MySQL/PHP and ASP.NET. Moreover, your website must work correctly on all platforms, browsers and mobile devices.

Do You Offer Mobile Web Design Services?

Most of the people today use mobile Internet compatible devices like tablets and smart phones. To stay connected to today’s market, it is very important to have a mobile web app. Design of a regular website is quite different from design of a mobile application. When it comes to the mobile, designs must be simple and fast loading. The web design agency you hire must be familiar with website design and development.

These aforementioned questions must be asked when you hire a web design agency to stay ahead of your competitors.

This article was written by Erna Pennell, on behalf of 99MediaLab, offering the most impressive web design services. To know what a web design is, you may also visit Wisegeek.com.

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