Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sample Resume for a Fresher

Drafting an ideal CV is important for your job prospects. Do not just copy a resume for the reason you like it. Your resume should be carefully drafted and should always impress a hiring manager, and enable you to get an interview call. If you feel that you need an impressive resume, consult a professional writer or an agency, which takes up CV writing services. Referring to a free sample resume which has all the information that a recruiter wants would be a good idea.

Use a resume template: Remember that your resume is a ‘sales letter’ for your job. If you are writing the resume for the first time, then use a particular template. It should include your contact details, objectives, experience, education and skills. Ensure there are no grammatical mistakes in the text and the information given is correct. Express your willingness for the job and include an objective in your resume to impress the hiring manager. If you are drafting your resume for the first time, then referring to a free online sample resume would help you immensely.

Chronology: If you are a fresher, follow the chronological manner in writing your resume. Highlight your projects in an orderly manner. Academic qualifications, technical certifications should also be mentioned chronologically. You can also add projects undertaken as a freelancer; refer to a free sample resume on how to add your free lance projects.

Make it simple: A resume is a formal document. Use it effectively to present your candidature. If you are a fresher confine the resume to a single page. Drafting your resume by looking into a free sample resume available on blogs of professional resume writers, will really help you.

Tailor it to specific requirements: If you are applying for different jobs, make necessary changes in your resume so that you project and market yourself for the job. For example if you are an engineering graduate and applying for a software developer’s job, mention the objective as looking for the role of a software developer, and similarly edit it if you are applying for a testing vacancy. This would add more relevance to your resume and increase your chances of getting an interview call.

Make sure you use the right words: Most companies now use digital databases for recruitment. This means the H.R department will run search queries based on specific keywords. Thus make sure, you read the job description and draft your resume accordingly. Tapping the keywords will enhance your chances of getting an interview call. Refer to a sample resume and find out the keyword placement and improvise the same into your resume to make it effective.

Proofreading: When you have finished drafting your resume, proof read it from the beginning. Ensure the chronology, spellings and capitalizations are correct. Even small typos could lead to rejection of your resume.

Avoid negativity: Do not include information that might sound negative in the eyes of the employer. Following relevant details available in a free sample resume for the applied job will make your resume more relevant and avoid negativity.

List out project experience: It is a myth, that employers looking for fresh candidates hire them based on academic score cards. Working on key projects, suiting to company requirements will definitely give an edge to the candidate on his chances of hiring. Projects can be listed out in a tabular format, referring to a sample resume and modifying it accordingly will make your resume impressive.

Irrelevant Information: A resume loses focus when you include words like political affiliation, which will lead to rejection of your candidature right away.

Use prefixes: Use of prefixes is very important, especially in cases where you are having neutral gender names such as Alex, Ryan etc. Using Ms. or Mr. would reduce the chances of ambiguity in such cases. Refer to a sample resume and find out how to use prefixes of the right kind.

Every resume is a kind of marketing communication. Proofreading your resume will help in removing the typos and other grammatical errors. If you are applying for a job for the first time ensure your projects and academic details are listed chronologically. A recruiter has only 60 seconds to scan your resume. If you feel you feel your resume is not effective then seek the services of a professional resume writer. Referring to a free sample resume available in leading HR and Job portal sites, will eliminate irrelevant information and make your resume perfectly suited for the job applied. Make sure it has the right information, to increase your prospects of getting hired.

This article was written by Tim Nielsen, on behalf of Resume Surgeon providing information on free sample resume. For more information on CV writing, please visit

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