Friday, 25 January 2013

Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer

Watching television. Running errands. Getting extra sleep. Logging extra hours at the office or working at home. Going for drinks with friends. You feel fat. You’re tired. If all of the above are on your list of reasons why you haven’t been going to the gym, you are certainly not alone. Almost everybody, at one time or another, comes up with a reason for not wanting to get up and actually go to the gym. Well guess what? Your excuses for not wanting to enter a gym are no longer enough to keep you out of shape, because now you can use an online personal trainer to get fit at home!

Maybe that’s not what you wanted to hear. Perhaps you’d rather not put any effort in and stay out of shape. At least that’s what you think now, but once you get going with an online personal trainer, you’ll see how easy it can really be.

An online personal trainer gives you the kind of flexibility a trainer at the gym never could. You can select online workout videos based on your abilities and the amount of time you have each day to work out. This means that one day you can do a vigorous hour-long workout, and the next day just a quick twenty-minute routine. You won’t have to worry about booking appointments with your trainer at the gym and then backing out, or deciding last minute that you’d like a session and have them not be available.

Working with an online personal trainer also gives you the option to try a variety of different workouts. If you want to do yoga one day, weights the next day, and use a spin bike the day after that, it’s much easier with an online personal trainer who can help you to track your progress without having to stick to a set routine (though there are some online trainers who encourage you to follow a specific set of videos. Many do allow you to mix and match from a big video library though). You can experiment with different types of exercise without having to commit to an entire session of classes, and that will keep working out fun and interesting, which is often half the battle.

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of training online is the money you’ll save. When you sign up with a personal trainer at the gym, you pay per session. When you sign up with an online trainer, you are often subscribing to their services on a monthly basis, giving you the opportunity to work out more often without having to pay extra. It’s hard to feel motivated to work out when you feel like you’re being punished with the price, so an online trainer will give you more motivation.

Working with an online personal trainer is fun, interesting, convenient, and will remove virtually any excuse you might have had for not going to the gym. You’ll be amazed by how much you’ll enjoy getting in shape!

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