Monday, 17 December 2012

How to Stay Focused When Creative Writing for Clients

Creative writing for businesses is a rewarding career. However, when faced with a deadline or tough subject matter, a writer can be temporarily stuck for ideas. There are many ways to overcome writer’s block and get those creative juices flowing. Following are some ways creative writers can stay motivated, informed, and avoid the dreaded condition of writer’s block.

1. Stay healthy. Being healthy affects every aspect of your life. Creative writers that write for businesses must stay sharp and alert to provide clean, usable copy. Writing while sick, sluggish, or digesting a large and unhealthy meal will affect your concentration and creativity. In order to maintain efficiency, work some exercise into your schedule a few days a week, drink plenty of water, get enough rest, and avoid toxic relationships as much as possible.

2. Create a Productive Workspace: Creative writing can be a great freelance job. When you do not have an office or workplace to go to, however, you must create a space for yourself where you can focus and concentrate. This place should be easily accessible, clean, quiet, and contain all the resources you need for your trade. If your office is in the basement of your house, your laptop chargers and reference materials should not be two floors up in your family room. Those that prefer to have a more social aspect to their workplace can look into renting space in a communal office. Some people rent artist space where painters, writers, photographers, etc can rent workspaces. This is very useful for those that do not wish to work from their home or have limited space at home to set up an office. Additionally, rented office or artist space may include communal use of landline phones, fax machines, copy machines, and the use of their mailing address.

3. Change it Up: If you get stuck for ideas or are struggling with a tough topic, change your routine or pace. Go somewhere for creative writing inspiration. Writing something political? Tour a monument or parliament building. Have an assignment about green living? Spend some time in a park, garden or greenhouse to reconnect with nature. Stuck describing a product? Contact the manufacturer and ask them to tell you, in their words, how it works. Your field of research can be broader than Google or whatever your local library has on the subject. Garner your inspiration from the many things around you.

4. Seek Out Like Minds: Great minds really do think alike. Creative writing enthusiasts can greatly benefit from sharing ideas, stories, and advice with other writers. Join a book club or poetry group. See if there are any groups of writers that meet in your area. If there are no writing-centric clubs available, start one. A casual weekly or even bi-monthly meeting with people in your field of creative writing will not only provide a social element to what can be an isolated career, it can also provide a constant flow of inspiration and support.

Creative writing is a fun and rewarding career. By following the four steps above, you will find your words flowing and your writer’s block a thing of the past.

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