Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Bulk Candy Ideas for the Halloween Party

Children as well as the adults wait for the magical holiday of the year: Halloween. They look for the best candy bargains and crazy dresses. Fake blood, body paint, glitter, false lashes and collection of the favorite candies constitute a part of the Halloween. You can buy bulk candy for either decorating or distributing it among your friends and loved ones.

Buying candies in bulk is a great way to save money for the Halloween night. You can combine different bulk offerings in a bowl and surprise your guests. The tiny hands keep on clamoring for the favorite candies. The bulk candies will definitely mark the beginning of a great Halloween ahead.

The most common varieties of candies that you can find in Halloween are the gummy worms, Milky Way bars and Hershey bars. If you are giving out assorted gummies, you can look for candy bowls with small bags. The cream gummies and strawberries have been the hot favorite for several years during Halloween celebrations. You will love to savor the great taste of the gummies offering sweet strawberry mixes with creamy marshmallow layers. The other options that you can try are Swedish Fish, sour peach rings, twin cherries etc. The Giant gummy snakes are sure to win hearts of the party lovers.

If you are looking for some sugar free treats, you have plenty of options to choose from. Even the diabetics deserve a sweet treat during the Halloween. Chocolate covered raisins and sugar free jelly beans are some of the options that you can try.

Miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are a real hit during the Halloween party. You will love to treat yourself and your guests with a mix of butter and chocolate. Caramel cubes and Tootsie Rolls are other options that you can buy in bulk.

When you are offering candies, you can think out of the box and go for Dubble Bubble gumballs, candy blocks or the Jolly Ranchers. If you are looking for the crowd pleasers – mini chocolate bars, Candy Corn, Skittles and the Starbucks are some of the bulk candy buying options for you. Again, if you want to be little different, you can go for the flavored Rock Candy, Sour Cola Bottles, mini Laffy Taffys, Jujubes and Dots. The sour candies are available in different flavors like cherry, watermelon, apple, and peach. There is something suitable for every taste bud.

So, if it’s the Halloween time, it’s time for you to shop for bulk candies. When you are buying candies in bulk; make sure to wrap the candies in small bags. You will be attracting a lot of germs, if you keep them unwrapped in a bowl. You can look for pre-wrapping bags with different candies and hand out to all the guests visiting you. You will surely love to see your guests remembering you for holding such a memorable party. So, shop for the bulk candies online and avail attractive discounts and offers!

This article was written by Debera Kalaf, on behalf of Jerry’s Nut House, offering you the widest range of candies, popcorn and chocolate. To know about the historical origin of candies, you may visit About.com.

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