Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Surface Preparation by Exterior House Painters

Painting the exteriors of your home can be a very demanding task, which you won’t do very often. So, to ensure that the painting job stays for the next few years, you must rely on professional exterior house painters, who shall make all necessary preparations before starting the actual painting work.

Cleaning the surface comprises the first step in any painting project. Bonding between the surface and the paint becomes weak when all the mildew, grime and dirt are not removed properly. Exterior house painters use pressure washers with chemical injector for effective cleaning. They use a mixture of common bleach together with detergents like tri sodium phosphate and apply it through the chemical injector on the pressure washer to clean the surface in 10 minutes. After the detergent is allowed to work, the surface is cleaned with water using pressure washer. The nozzle of the washer is moved at a steady speed, so that the sides do not get damaged. Exterior house painters wash all the guttering, eaves and sides, without causing any harm to the windows with the direct stream from the pressure washer.

Next, to remove flaking or loose paints, exterior house painting experts use stiff putty knife or a paint scrapper. The sidewalks, driveways and shrubs are all covered before starting the scrapping work. This ensures that your house as well as the plants is not covered with dust when the scrapping job is carried out. Pressure of the paint scrapper is kept steady so that it does not gouge or damage the surface. As a protective mechanism, the experts wear eye protection gear, dust masks while performing the task. Thereafter, bare woods are primed with a good quality oil based exterior primer. This helps in creating a strong bond between the paint and the surface.

Cracks, areas around the windows and the open joints are calked with a good quality exterior grade chalk. Chalking is a very important stage in preparing a surface before painting. Exterior house painters take special care during chalking to ensure the paints do not peel off later, or woods get rotten and ensure there are no infestations by insects.

Finally, before starting with painting, the painters cover up all areas that are not to be painted using tapes. The exterior fixtures, windows are all taped using lightweight plastic and painters tape.

As you can understand the importance of surface preparation, make sure to hire good exterior house painters to take care of all aspects of a painting project. A properly prepared surface will create a strong bond between the paint and the surface and your house will keep looking new in the years to come.

You can get in touch with exterior paint experts and seek advice about the kind of paints that will be suitable for your home. There are different varieties of paints available and factors like climate, environment plays important role in determining the kind of paint that will be suitable for you.

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