Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Open Adoption is The Best of Both Worlds

The choice to give up a child for adoption is never an easy one to make. Often, the circumstances are far from ideal. Perhaps a teenage girl got pregnant by accident, or a couple got pregnant that are just not ready to be parents. Whatever the situation is, the choice to put your child up for adoption is a life changing decision, and it doesn't just happen one day and then get forgotten about the next. Someone who gives up their child is always going to wonder if they made the right choice, and also if their child will be happy. For these reasons, open adoption can be a very helpful alternative that will prevent worry and confusion for all parties involved.

Open adoption is one of the most popular forms of adoption. This form of adoption involves the birth mother and the adoptive parents forming a relationship and connection with each other. All parties are often involved in the pregnancy, and the birth. But the main aspect about open adoption is that the birth mother will have an idea of the child's life after he or she has been born, either through letters and pictures, or else through more involved visits and relationships in some cases.

In contrast to open adoptions, closed adoptions do not support the building of a relationship between the birth parent and the adoptive parents. Sometimes, there is no information exchanged at all between the two parties. It is a more private matter, and can be the right choice if you wish to keep the details of your adoption confidential, and are not ready to be involved in a child's life, such as if you are experiencing a teen pregnancy.

But many people opt for open adoption because it keeps the lines of communication open, and helps to put many fears to rest. As the birth mother, you would want to know everything about the people who are going to be caring for the child that has been growing inside of you for nine months. You would want to know their job, their history, and their true motivation for adopting a child. You would also want to observe the parents in action in the months leading up to birth so that you can gauge their values and responsibility.

But it's not just the birth mother that benefits. The adoptive parents also benefit from open adoption, as they can communicate with you as the birth mother to find out crucial information such as our family medical history, what kind of person you are, your values, and what events transpired in your life that led to you putting your child up for adoption. This information is important, as when the child grows up, the adoptive parents can explain many things about their heritage to them, and that means that your child will have a sense of who you are.

In an open adoption, the birth mother receives support from the adoptive parents, who often attend doctor’s appointments, as well as the labor and delivery of the baby. Ultimately, the child will benefit as they will have access to these shared memories, and know that they were loved and cared for, regardless of being given up for adoption.

If you are pregnant, and faced with the choice of putting your child up for adoption, it might not be a bad decision to choose open adoption. That way you know that you will have a healthy relationship with the adoptive parents and that your child will have a strong support system that will help them be the best they can be as they grow up.

This article was written by Chelsey Nemetz, on behalf of AdoptHelp, a full service, proactive adoption program dedicated to handling every detail of an adoption so adoptive parents and birth parents can focus on the beautiful aspects of newborn adoption. To know how you can host an adoption baby shower, you may visit About.com.

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