Monday, 1 October 2012

Energy Saving Floor Plans to Save Money

United States Department of Energy's Energy Star and the EPA initiatives encourage high energy standards. According to the Department of Energy, people living in the Energy Star houses can save up to 30% or more energy on the overall consumption. Even people living in new homes are looking for significant measures to save energy by the adding right level of insulation and weather stripping.

You can achieve the energy efficient homes by keeping in mind the following while choosing floor plans:

1. You can conserve energy by using high designs for doors and windows like Energy Star doors and windows apart from focusing on materials and wall construction, particularly insulation.

2. Use of renewable energy sources like solar power and wind

3. Use of energy sources such as HVAC systems and pumps

According to the Department of Energy, the house floor plans with Energy Star houses come with passive as well as active features for cooling and heating equipment. Powering electricity with solar panels will help you make substantial savings. Framing techniques with efficient insulation is another kind of passive element.

Modular home floor plans became very popular after the end of the WWII. However, advent of the energy efficient homes has been a new phenomenon that has recently caught attraction of people all over the world. The concept of modular homes and reduced energy cost goes hand in hand and this is the reason behind popularity of the modular home floor plans. U.S. Green Building Council's LEED platinum-level certification is one of the examples of modular homes installed in 2006. National Association of Home Builders reports states that people all over the world are trying to reduce any kinds of negative impact on the environment by following the environment friendly methods.

Usage of materials and building techniques can be found in the modern style homes. The walls are constructed with superior efficiency, which are much stronger compared to the traditional designs. You can cut down the electricity bills by choosing efficient cooling and heating equipment. You can get in touch with a knowledgeable individual to suggest you the best combination of comfort and affordability while looking for house floor plans. So, if you are planning to buy new homes, make sure to get in touch with the realtors, who shall understand your needs and help you find the perfect house floor plan.

Moreover, the advanced search methods help you filter your searches and look into the kind of floor plans that suit your needs and requirements the best. This saves a lot of your time and money and you won’t have to engage in any sorts of leg work as well. So, you can rely on the experts to assist you through the process of searching for your dream home.

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