Thursday, 27 September 2012

Weight Gain and Large Bras

Can you gain and lose weight in your breasts? This is a question many women are curious about. Many women have found themselves wondering if their breasts have changed size when they see that their bras no longer fit properly. They sometimes wonder if it’s the bras themselves that have stretched over time or shrunk due to laundering. What happens if weight gain or loss does leave your breasts a different size? Should you now buy small bras or large bras to accommodate, or will they eventually get back to normal and allow you to continue wearing the same size bras you always have and are most familiar with?

Well the truth is that your breasts absolutely can gain and lose weight. Odds are, at some point in your life, they will. This gain or loss rarely happens as an isolated incident, and is usually tied to an overall body weight gain or loss. It doesn’t take much gain or loss to notice a size difference in your breasts. It won’t take much for your regular bras to suddenly feel like large bras or small bras. And it won’t take much for you to need to start buying large bras or small bras, or at least ones that are smaller or larger than what you’ve been wearing. You are going to feel uncomfortable if you don’t switch to your new bra size after a weight gain or loss. Bras are an item of clothing that must fit absolutely perfectly, and will not look good or properly perform their intended function if the size is off even slightly.

Suddenly having to replace all of your old bras with new small bras or large bras might seem like a waste of money. If you’ve gained weight, what if you lose it again and go back to your old size? Or what if you’re not done gaining wait? Will you just have to get yet another, larger size in a few months? With bras, you always want to think about what’s fitting you here and now, otherwise there is no point in even wearing a bra at all. Yes, this might mean eventually going back to your old size (although that is fairly rare), and might mean buying a new size a few months down the road, which can get expensive. Your best bet is to start by only buying a couple in your new size and then add new ones slowly to manage the costs and to see if your size changes again. If you are gaining weight, you might want to buy a bra with a band that fits on the tightest setting, leaving room for you to open it up a bit if your breasts get even larger.

Suddenly having to buy new large bras or small bras might be frustrating, but sometimes it’s necessary. The only other option is to wear the old ones that don’t fit, don’t look good, and don’t feel comfortable anymore, which most women would agree is a far worse option.

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