Thursday, 30 August 2012

Adoption and the Family Unit

The family dynamic in society has changed dramatically in the last twenty-five years, and so has the way in which families are formed. The question of, “where do babies come from?” has now gone from one (relatively) simple answer, to many different answers. One of the answers of how a couple can bringing a child into their home is by adoption.

Many families look to adoption to start or continue their families. Natural pregnancy is not something every couple will be able to achieve. Infertility issues can plague couples trying to start or continue their family. Primary infertility refers to when a couple cannot get pregnant after one year (or more) of trying to have a child. Secondary infertility refers to when a couple has been pregnant once, but has not been able to get pregnant again. Infertility is deeply emotional, painful and stressful issue for a couple, whether the infertility is due to one partner or both partners. Medical treatments for infertility and for trying to get pregnant, through means such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) are expensive. One study showed the average cost of an IVF treatment was over $12,000 for a couple. While some medical insurance companies will cover part of these treatments (usually only a few thousand dollars at the most), many insurance companies won’t cover the cost of these treatments. In today’s economy this is a price that many people can’t afford. Aside from the expense, these treatments can also take a lot of time with no guarantee of the couple ever becoming pregnant from them. As some couples may need more than one treatment the cost of IVF can rapidly increase up to the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For other couples, natural pregnancy may not be possible. Many gay and lesbian couples would like to start a family, but a natural pregnancy will not be possible. While some couples may look to surrogacy this many not be a feasible option for all, because as with infertility treatments, surrogacy can be very expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars. Older couples, and women who have already reached menopause may be looking to start a family. Some of these couples may already have adult children, but they may still want to continue expanding their family. For these couples, and many others, adoption is a great choice to starting or expanding a family.

For many couples adopting a child is a wonderful and affirmative way to start or continue their family. Like any form of starting a family adopting a child can seem overwhelming for couples who are new to the process. This is why contacting an adoption agency that will be able to help answer any questions a couple may have is very important. The agency can provide information, and even show case studies of families who have successfully adopted a child.

In summary, a family is a wonderful unit, but for many couples having a family can be a difficult or even an impossible process. Fertility treatments like IVF, and surrogacy can be expensive, time consuming, and give no guarantee of success for a couple. Adoption is an option that many couples are turning to in order to start or continue their family. By contacting a reputable adoption agency a couple will be able to find out more information on adoption, and on how to have the family they’ve always wanted.

This guest post was written by Gilberte Carley, on behalf of AdoptHelp, a full service domestic adoption center specializing in both independent and collaborative adoptions. To know how you can welcome an adopted child, you may also visit

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