Friday, 20 July 2012

Tempting the Taste Buds on the Islands While on a Honeymoon in Greece

After the stress and strain of wedding planning, many couples seek to escape to the idyllic sun, sand and seas of the Greek islands. The islands offer fantastic romantic holidays near the water, but a honeymoon in Greece can include other great activities away from the beach. Newlyweds ready for some shade or in search of other adventures in addition to their beach time can find other pleasurable pursuits on the islands. Many of those pursuits tempt the taste buds and give a local flavour to the trip.

Cooking Classes & Culinary Tours: Greek food is considered among the healthiest in the world. The cooking is heavily based on fresh fruits and vegetables and natural ingredients such as olive oil, olives, cheese, yogurt, lemon and honey. On the islands, fresh fish and seafood also feature prominently. In the culture, sharing food, warmth and conversation are as integral to a meal as the food. With this in mind, a great way for couples to explore the local cuisine together on their honeymoon in Greece is to go beyond simply eating in restaurants and to try a cooking class or a culinary tour so that they can share the pleasures of the palate with one another. Many classes and tours include stops at local markets or even local farms, orchards and olive groves to see, smell and taste the fresh ingredients. The greatest satisfaction of all perhaps is the chance for the couple to sample the delights they have worked as a team to create.

Wine Tastings & Tours: In Greece, a good meal is often accompanied by a good wine. On the islands, wineries are abundant, so the opportunities for tastings and tours are too. These possibilities are a great accompaniment to other honeymoon in Greece activities, especially cooking classes and culinary tours. Some travel companies even offer tours that combine food and wine. Some wineries allow travellers into the vineyards to see the grapes growing and into the facilities to learn about the winemaking process. Tasting sessions are a great way for couples to discover something new as a team and to develop new tastes as they explore the aromas and the flavors of Greek red and white wines. They may even find new favourites to share.

Ouzo Distillery Trips & Ouzeries: Ouzo is the famous Greek anise-flavoured liqueur. Traditionally, it is sipped slowly and enjoyed with food as an extended evening social event. In 2006, this liqueur was granted “protected designation of origin” status by the European Union. As a result, only Greek producers can use the name “ouzo.” A trip to an ouzo distillery can turn any honeymoon in Greece into a more authentic experience. The same is true for an evening visit to an “ouzerie,” which is a small, local cafĂ© where ouzo is served with typical Greek appetizers. Since even the smallest villages typically have ouzeries, one should be easy to find on any island. While not every island will have a distillery, couples with lots of time may want to take a trip to Lesvos island, where most ouzo is produced, to visit a distillery and the ouzo museum.

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