Thursday, 21 June 2012

What Medical Representatives Must Include in CV Templates

If you are among those who want to get into the medical representative job, you first need to develop an impressive CV. Pharmaceutical sales executives enjoy good bonus, perks, flexible timings, and a competitive work environment. To simplify your task of getting a medical representative job, you can look into CV templates that will help you to include all that you need to highlight in your CV.

To begin with, at the top of your CV template, you should include your contact details. This way you save the recruiter's time and he won't have to search for your contact details. Include your name address, telephone number and email address in this section.

Below the contact details, lies a section in your CV template where you provide your career objective. You need to be very specific while stating your career objective here. For instance, you can write, "Looking for a pharmaceutical sales representative job, so that I can sell products for patients suffering from asthma and save their lives". You must also include the therapeutic section, for which you are applying. You need to conduct research about the company and get idea about the kind of products they deal with. In the work experience section of your CV template, include details about your previous job experience as a medical sales representative. Make it a point to include only those where you worked in sales, customer service, marketing, training, education and healthcare fields. You can use bulleted points to highlight key accomplishments in the course of your work. While stating your accomplishments, you must start with a strong action verb like "Sold over 300 knife sets within a span of 3 months and earned $20,000 revenue for the company".

State details of your education qualifications. A degree in chemistry or biology will be beneficial for you when you are looking for a medical sales representative job. However, there are many companies hiring candidates from different backgrounds as well. Provide details about your accomplishments and licenses in the CV template. If you are a Registered Nurse or an MBA, you are certainly going to stay ahead of others applying for the same position. If you have any relevant work experience, make sure to include that as well. For instance, if you are applying for any company selling blockbuster cardiovascular drug, you can highlight your experience of volunteering at American Heart Association. You must make it a point to include any experience related to the medical field in your CV for grabbing attention of recruiters. This is one of the most effective ways of staying ahead of your competitors. Make sure to be honest while preparing your CV and include information that is true to the best of your knowledge.

Now that you are aware of the practical details you must take care of while applying for the position of a medical sales representative, you can look online for CV templates and prepare the right CV to highlight your experiences.

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