Tuesday, 5 June 2012

RMLV Training Helps You Easily Pass Venue Inspections

Responsible Management of Licensed Venue Training is a mandatory course that must be taken by all approved managers working in a licensed venue. The purpose of the training is to ensure that management, supervisors and owners have the proper training to ensure the safety for everyone involved. RMLV training must be approved by The Office of the Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR); before taking your course, make sure it is OLGR approved. This course is completed in a face to face classroom setting and upon completion, the trainee is given a government standard certificate of completion.

Licensed venues must be able to pass strict audits in order to remain operational. Deficiencies noted in an audit must be corrected or the venue could be faced with strict fines or closure if serious offences are noted. During an audit, a number of items are reviewed and inspected. From venue lighting to customer conduct, everything is checked and tested to make sure that the venue is operating in a manner that is safe and secure for its guests. RMLV training will educate management on the procedures needed to run a venue, hence preparing them to pass an audit performed in their establishment. A properly run venue should never have a worry about an audit; there should not have any non-compliant rules to worry about.

Post Management Incident Reporting is another one of the areas reviewed during a venue audit. RMLV training will help management learn the correct procedures for reporting incidents. During an audit, they will be questioned about previous incidents and management will be asked to show the auditor their incident records. Some of the notes that an auditor will look for in these records are, the outcome of the incident, the severity of the incident and how the incident was handled. They also want to know how quickly the incident was reviewed by a manager and how well their staff is trained in incident reporting.

RMLV training will also teach management about liquor law compliance. When an auditor visits a venue they will inspect the premises to make sure that the venue is following the legal requirements. They will look to see where the liquor license is displayed. They will want to know the availability of management as well as the certified training of all staff. There must be readily available registers showing documented evidence of certified training for everyone working in the venue. Copies of each staff RSA certificate need to match the information in the register and must be current at all times.

Audits on licensed venues are conducted for the safety of both the staff and the public. Managers that have completed the mandatory RMLV training will find that they are better prepared for the strict enquiry of an audit. An improperly managed venue can result in violent and possible fatal incidents. By taking the proper measures and having protocol in place for staff and customers, the number of incidents will be greatly reduced resulting in venue that everyone can safely enjoy.

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