Monday, 25 June 2012

Resume Advice for a Better Visibility on Recruiting Sites

A resume in hand is as important as any other educational certificate. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, without a well charted out resume, you are nothing. While in the social world, "Clothes make a man"; in the corporate world, it is a resume, which defines a person. Competition is very high and in the job sector almost 150 -170 resumes are reviewed daily by a HR professional without a second look. Therefore, if you do not have an eye-catching resume, then all your efforts to get a job are likely to go in vain. A well-polished and professional resume, is what speaks volumes about a person and this article will read you through tips on writing a better resume for first time job seekers.

To begin with, choose your career path. There are many business sectors therefore make sure you have chosen your desired field to work in. Research about the work related options, such as: What is this job about? Does it match my educational qualifications? What are the skills required in this area? Will the job be available in the coming years? Moreover, what will be my career growth in this field? If you have chosen 3-4 industries, then make sure you have 3-4 resumes that are tailor made for each of the job descriptions. A career objective detailing your achievements and capabilities is a must, along with a personalized note stating what you can do for the company when selected.

Next, write a target specific resume. For a fresher, customize your resume in such a way that the skills and talents are relevant to the job you are applying for. Elaborate educational qualifications so that they match the job description and highlight skills that attract attention. Wherein, an experienced person can highlight the skills learnt during office hours, but for a fresher, his/her skills can be learnt during a summer internship or otherwise - like computer skills (MS Word, Excel, and Power point), soft skills, and basic software handling. One or two months of training during summer internship is also considered as work experience, so don’t leave this section empty. A letter from your internship employer stating your involvement and contribution is a bonus for your resume. Mention the name of the organization you interned with, as your future employer will most likely crosscheck for verification and will also look at whether you have utilized the skills taught in college or not. Finally, the most important thing that will definitely make your resume stand out amongst thousand others is your cover letter. Keep it professional, and up to the point. Invest your time in writing your cover letter, which should be like a summary of the resume. If done correctly, then your resume is more likely to be reviewed in future.

However, before submitting your resume, make sure it is neat and in perfect order sans any grammatical errors, as they will likely put a recruiter off about your overall personality, and the recruiter may reject your resume. To create a better resume and to get more job offers, try out the latest online resume template services on offer by many resume writing companies online!

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