Friday, 22 June 2012

Important Information for any Senior Living Los Angeles Unassisted Persons

Seniors that decide to live on their own must take into account the security risks they face. It has been noted that certain crimes focus on senior citizens as many criminals tend to view them as easier targets. For any senior living Los Angeles independently, it is extremely important to know these risks and take the appropriate measures to protect their homes and their personal safety. Proper knowledge on personal safety is not intended to scare people. Knowing the risks enables you to protect yourself.

Elder abuse is a crime that is getting more and more recognition. As more cases get reported, it is being realized as a serious offence that may end with fatal results. Elder abuse can happen in many forms and the offending party may be a close family member or a complete stranger. In 2010 an alarming number of senior murder cases were perpetrated by a close family member. In fact, 42% of the senior murders were by murder victim’s children and 24% were by the murder victim’s spouse. A senior living Los Angeles independently should be fully aware of their neighborhoods and have direct access to emergency services. Personal alarms, home alarms and other services can help increase a senior’s safety.Staged auto collisions are harder to prove, but are also a concern for any senior living Los Angeles elder and driving. A staged auto collision occurs when the perpetrator purposely causes an auto accident. Then they scare the senior into paying them cash under threats of them losing their license or having their insurance premiums raised. There is also a risk of ID theft as some perpetrators have been known to steal ID and credit cards from seniors while still at the scene of the accident. If involved in any car accident, whether accidental or staged. Collect all information from all parties involved including witnesses. Do not pay cash money to the other parties involved and if something just seems suspicious, then it probably is. If in an accident, involve the police.

Money scams come in many forms, from telemarketing to real estate. The purpose of the scam is for the criminal to obtain the senior’s money. Sweetheart scams work in a very similar way. The senior’s trust is gained through companionship and dating. Once the victim’s confidence is gained, the criminal begins to ask for money for various needs. Car repairs, overdue bills and other things that may seem innocent quickly add up to large sums of cash. The criminal will often vanish once they have acquired enough money. The senior living Los Angeles innocently and independently is often left feeling ashamed and quite alone.

Any senior living Los Angeles unassisted simply needs to be aware of the risks. By being aware of the risks, they are minimizing their own chances of being victimized. Personal safety is extremely important for anybody of any age. The choice to live alone should not be a frightening choice. It should be one made from proper education and research. It should not be a fatal decision.

Some seniors choose to live in senior living Los Angeles assisted care facilities. Those that do are often surprised at the high level of independence and dignity they are able to retain. These Los Angeles facilities greatly increase the safety and security of senior citizens while allowing them the freedom and life they deserve to have.

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