Friday, 18 May 2012

Advice for When You Have to Say Please Adopt My Baby

Mary found out that she was pregnant at the age of twenty five. She was well past her teenage years but not in the best possible situation to properly raise a child. She had just started collage, through a serious of grants and funding and lived quite a few states away from her family. She was single and barely able to make ends meet on her current income and student grants. Her doctor made this discovery when she was almost three months pregnant. With only six short months to plan her future, she left the doctor’s office frightened and confused. She did not know if it was best to keep her child or to make that frightening phone call where she would have to say , “My name is Mary and I’m looking for a family to adopt my baby”.

In between school courses and her part time job, Mary reviewed her income over and over in her head. Her bachelor unit was not fit for a child and her income did not allow for fulltime daycare while she worked or went to school. Her family was not close enough for fulltime help and she was not eligible for social assistants or government subsidies. She could raise her baby, but she could not provide the future that she would want for her child. With shaking hands and a trembling voice, she finally picked up the phone and dialed the number that would change so many lives. “Hello” She said quietly to the voice on the other end of the line. “My name is Mary and I am looking for somebody to adopt my baby”.

Jim and Brenda were in their early 30’s. They were trying to conceive their second child when Jim contacted an illness that left him sterile. Although now fully recovered and back working again, they were unable to have that second child they had been hoping for. Many did not understand their disappointment as they already had a one year old beautiful girl, which is more than other infertile couples could even hope for. They were quite content but could never shake that nagging feeling that their home was not quite complete. One day they decided to put their name into their local adoption agency. They were not sure of the outcome as they already had a child, but were hopeful that one day the correct situation would come along that allowed them to hear a mother ask them to “please adopt my baby”.

When the adoption agency met with Mary, she was surprised and relived to find out how caring and supportive they were. When she said she was looking for someone to adopt my baby, she received no judgment from the staff. She was also happy to find out that she had options on what kind of adoption she would like. She reviewed the profiles of hopeful parents, searching for the one that could provide the future she wanted for her child. As an only child herself, she preferred a sibling for her baby. She wanted the adoptive parents to have some experience for the baby she was going to give them. She hoped they loved travelling but were also in a stable relationship. After reviewing hundreds of files, she settled on the one that she thought was perfect. Jim and Brenda received the phone call they had prayed for. “Jim and Brenda, we are pleased to inform you that Mary has asked you to adopt her baby”.

One phone call changed many lives. Mary, Jim, Brenda and the siblings in their marriage. Each change was for the better. None of it was easy but all had the results they had hoped for. It all started with an unsure and scared phone call. “Hello, my name is Mary and I am looking for somebody to adopt my baby”. If you are in a situation like Mary or Jim and Brenda, talk to your local adoption agency today.

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